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Wedding Ideas!

flowergirlnoteThe flower girl delivers a message from the bride to the groom when she comes down the aisle. Sweet. What unique ideas did you have at your wedding?

1920’s Vintage


1920-wedding09-437x298We agree that upcoming wedding trends will bring many rocking roaring 1920s weddings into the world. The style trend began in 2012 but looks like it will hold
steady, only growing in the next year. And what is not to love. Fabulous things can be done with the wedding theme!

The 1920’s is the decade when fashion became more exciting and attractive. Women deserted the former constricting and modest clothing of former years and
developed a style of their own. This explains why our modern era is inspired so much by this time period. Because the 1920’s were such a prosperous era and
social customs became more relaxed, clothing styles reached a whole new revolution, with fashion styles such as the flapper dress and extravagant hats and
headpieces. These styles make for beautiful and fun wedding inspirations!


Forego the tacky feathered boas & headpieces and think vintage beads, dropped waists, intricate lace, and a creamy color palette of champagne, blushy pinks, and wintery whites combined with that jazzy-ragtime swing music and the bright, flashing bulbs from the vintage Atlantic City Boardwalk and you’ll get the idea.



Mini Appetizers…

mini-fish-tacoThe mini food trend is super hot right now!  Everything is cuter and more fun in miniature.

You can also offer guests a variety of different foods…think appetizers and desserts…without breaking the bank. Plus, your guests can easily pop bite sized foods into their mouths…without making a mess of themselves or
your wedding venue. I don’t know about you, but we always avoid passed hors d’oeuvres that are too complicated or messy to eat with dignity.



Real Florida Weddings!

Real Florida Weddings!

Not only local couples, but Brides and Grooms from all over the world visit and have their
wedding in the tropical setting of Florida

The following pages are full of unique styles, customs, traditions, personality plus home made
touches for timeless memories. Florida Bride Magazine delights in sharing these memories
with you. We hope they give you inspiration in your upcoming celebration.



Planning your Wedding?? BEWARE!!!…
of Friends and Family offering their services especially when it comes to being your photographer! I’ve never seen worse wedding photography than those from a friend that THINKS they’re a PRO! They mean well of course! BUT you’re always better off hiring a professional, Speaking from my own experience I’ve only said YES to help from friends in the past for a DJ (My friend bailed on us two days before the wedding so i had to get someone fast and he got DRUNK and was awful!) and for an Officiate and they both bailed on us.
I learned my lesson the hard way so hopefully you don’t have to!!

Love to hear your stories on this as well!!!

..Hopefully our mishaps can prevent others from making the same mistakes!
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