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Find the perfect accessories for your gown…

You have chosen the right dress and now it is time to compliment it. Each detail should make the bride the center of attention. Remember when choosing your jewelry that your stature should come into consideration. Petite ladies can wear delicate jewelry while larger ladies can get away with a more voluminous piece.
As sure as you would not want to wear the wrong size of clothing the same goes for your jewelry, choose it wisely….


Write something special about each one of your bridesmaids on a chalk board for a sentimental photo they will love 🙂

Love Story

Long ago, on the Virgin Islands, a girl fell in love with a sailor, they were to marry. She wanted to give him a wedding gift that would signify their love, but rings on a scarcely populated Island were not an option. So she raided his tackle box for fishing hooks and the first Hook bracelet was born. This meant they were hooked to each other in love, and the tradition remains.

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