Wonderful Wedding Cakes

These beautiful and elegant cakes are the latest in fashion
cake designs. These wonderful designs take inspiration from
the Brides wedding decor, her dress and so much more.

Jeweltoned café wallpaper from the 1950s led blogger and
former cake designer Carrie Sellman to craft these
eyecatching tiers covered with mod fondant blooms…

DIY! Chocolate Balloon Bowls…

I’ve gotta try these! 🙂




Tangerine Sorbet Champagne with a Twist!

Cake Tasting with your future Hubby?

Sitting down with your future hubby for a decadent cake tasting is one of the best perks of wedding planning. But it’s important to know a little wedding cake lingo to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your big day dessert! Is fondant for you, or will buttercream be better?
From icing options to the decorative details, get schooled on these key cake words: