Happy Sunday :)

Sundays always feel like Beach Days to me 🙂
So here’s a fun beach wedding idea for the day! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂


I was told this wedding sign seemed a little hostile. What is your perception of it? do you sense any hostility here or is it just a nice family unity gesture to you?

Yes! :)


David Tutera – from ordinary to extraordinary

home-featureFlorida Bride Magazine put forth a question to future Brides having their wedding in Florida.

The Question:

“If you could ask David Tutera one thing, what would it be?” Our Brides responded with overwhelming enthusiasm at the opportunity. David graciously shares his experience and insight with them during this personal interview

With more than 20 years of experience as a wedding expert, David Tutera is known for turning every bride’s fantasy into a reality by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. His current prime-time show, “My Fair Wedding,” airs on WE TV, where he steps into a bride’s planning process, and in three weeks quickly transforms the party into her dream event.

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Real Florida Weddings!

Real Florida Weddings!

Not only local couples, but Brides and Grooms from all over the world visit and have their
wedding in the tropical setting of Florida

The following pages are full of unique styles, customs, traditions, personality plus home made
touches for timeless memories. Florida Bride Magazine delights in sharing these memories
with you. We hope they give you inspiration in your upcoming celebration.



Planning your Wedding?? BEWARE!!!…
of Friends and Family offering their services especially when it comes to being your photographer! I’ve never seen worse wedding photography than those from a friend that THINKS they’re a PRO! They mean well of course! BUT you’re always better off hiring a professional, Speaking from my own experience I’ve only said YES to help from friends in the past for a DJ (My friend bailed on us two days before the wedding so i had to get someone fast and he got DRUNK and was awful!) and for an Officiate and they both bailed on us.
I learned my lesson the hard way so hopefully you don’t have to!!

Love to hear your stories on this as well!!!

..Hopefully our mishaps can prevent others from making the same mistakes!
Use our helpful guides to help you make your day PERFECT!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentine Day!!

Anyone get Engaged?!?! 🙂