Should you Cut and Serve your Wedding Cake as dessert?

cut-cake01So, you have purchased this elaborate and expensive cake and decide to serve it for dessert, immediately following the main course. When choosing this route, you need to keep the following in mind; first, remember your beautiful creation will need to be taken away well in advance, for the Chef to cut up hundreds of pieces. Also, don’t forget to ask what cake cutting fee charges apply. This may mean that the expensive cake you just purchased may be on display for a very short time and end costing you more than planned.

cut-cake02Why not consider buying a much smaller or fake cake for display purposes only, and have your baker make a large slab cake that is delivered to the Chef early in the day? Another option that are individual table cakes. You would have an approximately 10-12 inch round wedding cake in the center of each guest table with flowers on it. Not only with this be your dessert after the meal but it is also your table centerpiece. It’s a unique idea to consider. If your dream is to have a 3 or 4 tier (or more!) lavish wedding cake, then I would strongly recommend having the cake cut from a dessert station table in the hall. At least this way, the cake is on the display for a few hours for all to see and they get another snack late in the evening. You can even make it a highlight of the evening as you invite your guests to sip champagne and watch you cut the first piece.

cut-cake03I do feel compelled to tell you that in all of my hundreds of weddings, I would say most wedding cakes are hardly touched , especially if there is a pastry table set up along side of the cake. We end up packing the cake up for the bride/groom to take home – so be careful how much cake is ordered. If you have a wedding for 200 people and you are serving the cake from a table late in the evening you only need to have the cake serve about 60% of your guest in attendance. Obviously this would not apply if you are serving it as your main dessert.

More and more guests prefer the “cupcake style” wedding cake. I think it’s because they can grab one on the way to the dance floor, plus they are decorated so pretty now you just have to take one. Look at various bakers in your area and see what the prices are. Remember, most if not all places should be able to make you a small sample cake to taste before you buy. Bon Appetite!

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