Lighthouse Nuptials

This beautiful, simple wedding matched up perfectly with the large banyan tree the ceremony was placed under. Elegance and clean lines were the themes of this wedding.

Bueno_Frogge_Karla_Korn_Photography_IMG6196_lowMy dad asked me a very important question during the beginning stages of wedding planning. He asked, “Becca, do you want to celebrate the event or the occasion?” Once I was able to answer this very clear and simple question I knew exactly how Jason and I would want to remember our special day. Jason and I wanted our wedding day to be simple, classic, unique and romantic. The Jupiter Lighthouse was the first place that came to our mind. Most brides don’t want their wedding day to be remembered as simple, but we really wanted our guests to take in the natural beauty and ambiance of our Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse wedding. We had our own little saying leading up to the wedding and that is “Perfectly, Imperfect.” Every time something didn’t go as planned it was those imperfections that made our wedding day so memorable.

Bueno_Frogge_Karla_Korn_Photography_IMG6108_lowI don’t want to give away all of the details, but it ends with my bouquet falling on my head after a less than perfect bouquet toss. A very laughable moment. As the day arrived, I woke up that morning and I knew it was going to be a day filled with amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Bueno_Frogge_Karla_Korn_Photography_IMG6493_lowMy favorites are wearing my late Aunts pearl earrings and diamond necklace, my best friends mom officiating our wedding and walking down the aisle while a beautiful harp played our favorite song in the background. We wanted our family and friends to feel like they were a part of our love story and I think we achieved just that.



Bueno_Frogge_Karla_Korn_Photography_IMG7065_lowKarla Korn Photography


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