Nana Bridesmaid!

picture-of-nana-bridesmaidWhen you’re planning a wedding, one of the first things you do is name the bridal party. Who do you want standing up there with you, sharing the day with you and smiling in your wedding photos? You want to be surrounded by your besties on your big day! When Christine Quinn recently said I do in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, she was in the company of her lifelong bestie—her grandmother!

For Quinn, the decision to include her Nana, Betty, in the bridal party was a no-brainer. They’re truly BFFs IRL, so why not? Nana Betty was hesitant at first, not wanting to be the center of attention. But she agreed, and we’re so glad she did. She even rode the bridal party bus, rocked the same bridesmaids dress as the other girls and danced the night away!
“While she doesn’t live that close, we have continually made it a point to spend as much time together as possible,” Quinn told The Huffington Post. “She just has an amazing sense of humor and outlook on life that I strive to emulate every day. Everyone loves her.”

Who says your bridal party can’t include a grandmother? Their wedding sounds like one of the happiest, most joyful occasions of the season. Look at Nana’s smile!


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