What Bridal Style are You?

Planning your dream wedding can be a daunting task. Distinguishing between what you like and dislike is not that easy with an abundance of visual eye candy on the internet. Saying ‘I do’ is just the start of your decision making process. Choosing your dream engagement ring, be it classic, vintage, or golden inspired often sets the groundwork for your wedding’s style. Knowing your style is key when it comes to choosing the perfect dress, wedding cake, stationery and decor to compliment your look.  Here’s the top 3 styles:

The Classic Bride is easily identified by her elegance and grace. She understands the value of simplicity and uses it to captivating effect. Her style is elegant, confident and reflects her understanding of style and sophistication.

She always makes an entrance. Her choices are bold and she knows how to amplify her look. The Golden Bride chooses proud, confident pieces that will add a golden glow to her most special day.

She will combine old and new to create something unique. The Vintage Bride places great emphasis on attention to detail and timeless chic. She’s drawn to ornate and intricate pieces and combines the fashion highlights of years gone by with a modern design approach.




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