Wedding trends for 2014: Unusual venues, food trucks, colorful cakes


It’s wedding planning season, and there are plenty of decisions to be made on vows and rings, gowns and reception venues. We checked in with some local wedding professionals to see what’s trending in nuptials this year.
Flower power

Bridal bouquets are coming up lavender (and purple) this year. Bouquets are also trending away from the “wildflower feel” popular in past years and toward a little more formality and structure. “It’s more of a countryside feel — English garden or French country,” roses are coming back big, especially garden roses and heirloom roses. Jasmine vines, olive branch, herbs — just things you’d find in your grandma’s garden, lavender, lilac, things that are almost nostalgic.”

wedding-predictions01Have your cake

A few years ago, it was almost a sin to put color on a wedding cake. Now, it’s all about bold colors, textures and patterns. Metallics are becoming more popular. So is color-blocking with a bold color like fuchsia, aqua or purple on the bottom tier. If you don’t want a traditional cake, dessert bars are still popular, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to options, according to caterers. Ideas include donuts and frozen yogurt with toppings.

Party posing

Photo booths are still a fun option, but there’s a new booth in town gaining traction. Super slow-motion video of your guests letting loose with such props as silly string and confetti. Afterwards, you get a 3- to 5-minute montage video set to music.


With this ring

Passing diamond rings down through the generations is a wedding tradition that many couple find still appealing today, which is sparking interest in what jewelers call “heirloom” designs. “People want something that might have belonged to their grandmother — or look like it might have,” Engraving, openwork and other details give contemporary rings a vintage look adding that rose gold also has the patina of age and continues to be the hot metal. 

Save the date1Party places

The trend in venues is all about the nonraditional. Think unconventional locations. Warehouses, rooftops, vacation rental homes, “the more unique the better.” Art galleries, small restaurants and breweries can also make great venues. Going nontraditional can also reap financial benefits, such venues can be more affordable, especially if you book them before they get too popular.


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