Time for some serious Bonding Grooms


Who doesn’t know this infamous figure? With his taste for the finer things in life, it is not uncommon for him to be sporting a tuxedo while he saves the world!  However, there is something a bit uncommon in this picture and that is James Bond sporting a Midnight Blue Tuxedo.  Tom Ford, one of the biggest names in men’s fashion in America has a very conservative edge when it comes to formal wear.  He tends to stick with basics and is known to succeed in that endeavor.  You may be asking why a designer that is known for being conservative when it comes to black tie attire, would place James Bond in his very first blue tuxedo?  We have a very good answer for that question.  Midnight blue is an appropriate substitution for black in black tie attire, and is actually considered by many to be MORE formal than black.  Under certain lights, black tuxedos may take on a greenish hue, while under these and other lighting conditions, midnight blue looks blacker than black therefore making it more formal than black! 

Adding a bit of blue to his wardrobe places this year’s Bond as the best dressed Bond yet.  To get the look try  the Midnight Blue “Maxwell” by G. Alexander.So, how can you get this look for your upcoming wedding? We have all the tips foryour starring role in your Bond themed wedding.


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