2014 Wedding Predictions

“What are your predictions for 2014 weddings?”  After reading this list of predictions, I’m sure that you’ll agree that 2014 will bring forth elegant, meaningful moments that we will remember forever!

Hand painted Wedding Cakes.


Detailed Backs.  “Backs are going to be the main feature in 2014.  Thanks to vintage influences in 2013, 2014 is going to be packed with this subtle yet sexy feature.  We are talking keyholes, jeweled
embellishments, architectural pleating and lace fill-ins.”



 Rustic is out. Elegant is in. 

“Brides are looking for contemporary design with traditional touches. Budgets will still be tight but there will be increased spending on uniqueness and interactive activities for guests.”



Tea-Length Dresses.

 “…have been reappearing throughout 2013 and in 2014, we are expecting to see a tea-length boom.  These short designs are super cute and are a bit different than the traditional wedding
dress. ”


Large Ruffled Skirts


Printed/Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses



Tutus for Flower Girls


What are your predictions for 2014 weddings?


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