Signature style drinks…

sig-drinks2Everybody knows that signature drinks are all the rage at weddings these days.  After all, it is a great way to personalize your wedding reception and ensure that your guests are not only entertained, but well hydrated. Selecting a signature drink that is unique and that also represents you as a couple can be easier said than done. The possibilities are seemingly endless and you probably don’t know where to even begin. Consider the following basics to get you started.

Wedding colors– Keep in mind, most colors can be recreated in the liquid form.  If you don’t have the slightest clue how to go about creating a drink that is the perfect Robin’s Egg Blue, don’t stress.  You need not go it alone.  Ask your local bartender for advice. He or she will be more than happy to suggest liquors and/or beverages based on a few basics: color, taste (sweet, fruity, savory), temperature (hot/cold), etc.  Many liquor manufacturer websites also offer helpful search tools that allow you to quickly and easily search different cocktail recipes.

Keep it simple– For your own piece of mind, do yourself a favor and select a cocktail recipe that can be easily prepared by ANYONE.  If it cannot be exactly duplicated by your event caterer or bartender, what’s the point of having a signature cocktail at all?

Don’t forget the garnish– You can really take your signature drink to the next level by adding a simple garnish.  You could select a favorite fruit, herb, or flower from your bouquet or table centerpieces. A garnish serves as eye candy and it also adds flavor to a drink.

Alcohol Free Weddings– If you’re not planning to serve alcohol at your reception, no problem!  Simply create your own mocktails instead!  This will also help keep your beverage budget in check.

Essentially, no matter what you choose to serve, a signature drink will add another personal element to your day and your soiree will surely be remembered for years to come!




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